Hello world!! My name is Leo and I am a twenty something year old ATLien. I recently moved out of the familial abode and now live alone. While I was at home, I used to envision the life I wanted for myself when I eventually moved out. Here on out, I get to put those ideas into practice. Some of the basics include: a) not having a pantry. I want to eat as much fresh foods as possible and I think filling a pantry with canned and boxed items will negate that. b) My home will exude minimalism at best. I am a reforming hoarder. I just realised that I tend to hold on to the most minute things like a hair pin more than I do about large items like a TV. My first step in this direction was getting a small place to live in. I figured it would discourage me from having clutter in my home. c) This was a recent decision but I think it is more of a test. I am not getting a microwave. I am going to try to only eat freshly cooked meals and all reheating will be done in the oven or on the stove. The list of sorts also includes, no cable, as few single-function appliances as possible and continuing on the vegetarian path I have been on so far. I went to see the movie “eat love pray” this weekend and I believe it was an affirmation of the life I am choosing to live. I believe it is easy to get weighed down with the seemingly never ending cycle of material acquisition and search for newer status symbols that happens in these united states, and I have decided I do not want to do that. Therefore, this shall be my journey for as long as I can make it.

Another feature of my blog will also be about my hair obsession. I am absolutely obsessed with my hair. I spend hours thinking about it and dreaming up new ways to showcase it.j/k I am about two years natural and do not see myself going back anytime soon. If anything, I might try out locs, which I hate on anyone else, or I forsee myself going really short a la Monica Pearson fka Kaufmann (if you are not from the A, she is a reporter for Channel 2 WSBTV) or maybe just a little longer. I do not think short suits me but I will try it. Afterall, it does grow backI About a year ago, I started making my own hair oil with shea butter and even eventually made one for my skin. I hope to forage into making more of my own products in the future. Not necessarily for commercial purposes, but so that I can control what goes on my hair and on my body.

Well, I think this was a lengthy enough introduction. Life is a journey and this is mine.


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