Bed bugs versus Dust mites

In college a mattress was provided to me and at home…well there was a bed. I have never had to buy one, but moving out of the familial abode created the necessity for one. At the begining of my search with a budget of $200, I considered getting a used one. Now wait, I knew I did not not want one that had been slept on daily, more like the mattress that had been in the guest room and was rarely used or one like a Craigslist poster put that  his ” sweet mother got for him after he had just bought one”.  I know all this was rationalization for my thrifty nature but after realising that for some reason people online seemed to think way too highly of their body fluid and dead skkin infested mattresses, I decided to find a cheap dealer. I saw an ad for pillow top matresses by Sealy and Serta that were $219 and felt like I had hit the jack pot. The fact that the warehouse was located on Metropolitan Highway did not faze me as much as it should have initially(Metropolitan is a… “low end” street in Atlanta). When I got to the warehouse, there was a chain barrier and the guy who came out would only talk to me from across the barrier. He asked me to sit down and went to find the owner. At this point several scary movies started flashing across my mind, Texas Chainsaw Massacre featuring prominently in 3D. Then the fact that I was on Metropolitan hit home and I seemed to see things very clearly. When I had initially walked up to the warehouse, I saw huge rolls of fabric and even larger spools of thread being carted across the warehouse floor. Upon closer look at some of the mattresses which I could see from my vantage point behind the chain link fence, I noticed that the “pillow top” mattresses were actually just a band of fabric sewed on to mimic the pillow top layer of genuine mattresses. These people were reupholstering mattresses! I could not get out of there fast enough. This episode as well as two words that started to come up frequently: “bed bugs” drove me to my first mattress store. When I walked in, the sales clerk gave me a test to determine what mattress would be best for me. He then had me test out some beds blind, that is without looking at the price. I finally picked one out and he asks me if I would like for him to check and see if there are any in stock. I ask for the price first, remember I have $200 budget. The price tag on my favourite mattress? $1199. I then started to realise that this was going to be harder than I thought. For one, I realised that my budget was going to need some adjusting and I would have to expand my search radius. This is how I found myself on Jimmy Carter with all it’s furniture discount stores. The first store we stopped at was called Mattress Giant and two of my cousins had bouught their mattresses from there for about $399, so I was sure I could definitely get a mattress with my now doubled budget of $400. The owner of the store was very helpful and answered all my mother’s qestions, and there were plenty. However, we both gained a lot of knowledge about mattresses and an even greater fear of those two words: bed bugs.  Like every good shopper, even though he was  very knowledgeable and was prepared to give us a great deal, we had to comparison shop. As we walked out of his store, he offered the ominous warning that we be careful about stores that sold used mattresses as new which the state of Georgia still allows. While this might have been a sales tactic to scare us, I only had to think of the factory on Metropolitan to take heed. We stopped by just one other store for me to realise that I was going back to the Mattress Giant. Even though I went several hundreds of dollars over budget, I know that I made a good choice. As we left the store, he recommended that we look into a bed bug and dus tmite repellant cover for the mattress as I had mentioned that I was never taking my mattress out of the plastic it came in. With everything a mattress is susceptible to, like me carying bed bugs from someone’s dirty house or someone spending the night and leaving behind several hundred presents, I was not taking chances. I could already see my new facebook status: if you plan to spend the night in my house and in my bed, bring a hazmat suit! As much as that mattress cost, I am going to be watching it like a hawk.

So I get my new baby home, and take a trip to Wallyworld for an anti bed bug and dustmite mattress protector. Imagine my shock: there is a mattress cover for bed bugs and another mattress cover for dust mites. None for both? Am I supposed to chose which nasty I am going to sleep with? Was it not possible to make a cover that prevents both nasties? My mother suggested that they are prevented by two separate types materials, but hey either way, I am still having to make a choice about one nasty over the over. And what does your choice say about you. Would you prefer a blood sucker or a dead skin eater? I am absolutely disgusted that I have to make a choice and think someone needs to make a cover for both becuase until then, my mattress is going to stay in the plastic. I don’t care how much I pespire because of it!

Food for thought. After a series of fires at the familial abode, I ended up sleeping on the floor while getting the house back together. I have noticed that, ever since I got my mattress, I would rather go and fall asleep in my bed, than to lay down on the floor and fall asleep infront of the TV. I wonder if it has to to with my lack of interst in TV or that I have been spoiled by my new plastic covered mattress? Hmm.

Life is a journey and this is mine.


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