To microwave or not to microwave?

So, it has been just over a week since I have been at my new place. I am loving it so far. However, I have to admit I am starting to reconsider this whole no-microwave rule. I love oatmeal and tend to make large batches at a time. Well guess what I have to do everytime I get off work and want a huge bowl for breakfast? I have to lug out a pot and reheat the portion I want to eat.  I have had to do that everytime for the past 5 days it has take me to finish the pot of oatmeal. Today after a long day of unpacking two boxes, I decided I wanted to drink some tea. Guess what? No microwave to heat some water in. I used to have an electric kettle and a whistling stove kettle but I lost them in the move. While I am still conflicted about the microwave, I am now battling over electric kettle versus whistling stove kettle, and which one is more eco efficient.

So back to my microwave dilemma, I was craving pasta today and decided in the spirit of no microwave I would boil all of the pasta and heat it up in the sauce whenever I needed to eat.  Then, my neice came over and after a brief moment of panic in which I imagined the painful death she would have to endure because I did not have a microwave in which  to heat up her food, I was ingenious enough to boil some water and sit the jars of baby food in it. Given  the resourcefulness I displayed in the face of those “no microwave scares”, there might still be some hope for me yet.

I am also pleased to report that I still have no pantry and my fridge only contains what I need and nothing more. I don’t think there is anything in there older that a week!

Life is a journey and this is mine.


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