MY home.

My spice cabinet.

I was standing in my kitchen last night when it hit me. I am standing in MY kitchen located in MY home. The concept of having my own place had once seemed almost impossible and then scary. I had not had to be responsible for myself for so long that independence was both exciting and downright terrifying. Nevertheless, I realised that I just had to go for it. One of the biggest motivations was making the changes that I have been making so far in my life. Earlier that day, I received the first two bills ever made out to my name. I must be the first person ever to have gotten excited about opening bills. I can definitely say that was a one time thing though; I am not insane. My home is total electric and given that I am rarely at home, the electric bill was not as high as I expected. There was an activation fee which I question as I question all activation fees, but other than that it was okay. My internet/cable bill had a little issue. Although I initially balked at the idea of getting cable, the lady offered me a deal wherein I would get about 20 channels for $9.99. That sounded good enough as I did not want people to come over and have to stare at the walls but at the same time, I did not want to pay for more channels than I would ever watch. She mentioned that I would get a cable receiver box thingy but when the cable guy came to install the services, he failed to give me a box. So when I saw that I was gtting charged for a box I had not received, I immediately called the company to get the charges taken off. She did so and told me I was still eligible for the box and offered me dates and times when it could be dropped off. However, the wheels in my brain were turning. The amended charges without the cable box reduced my internet/cable bill  by $10. So I figured, given that I barely watch TV anyway, why did I need a box? Yes it offered on-demand and instant TV guide: since we all know that the TV Guide is practically a network channel now with orignal shows and everything! But for $10 less, I could deal with it. You cannot imagine how proud I was about that decision. It made the hypocrisy I felt about getting cable in the first  place sting a little less.

My dish cabinet.

So back to my kitchen. It is nice and small, and eventhough I have had a real problem in the past with over stocking on kitchen gadgets and utensils, I am working on it and seem to think I am doing great so far. My spice cabinet overfloweth a little but the more I cook the more the problem shall solve itself. I think I have too many plates and cups. I wanted to keep the number at four, but I figure as time goes by I will grow more comfortable at getting rid of some of the extras.

My "pantry".

Life is a journey and this is mine.


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