Eat Love Pray I – Writing to God

Every once in a while, you read a book that is so poignant to self, it feels like it was addressed to you personally. It does not have to be a major work of literature, all that matters is the message we get from it and how it influences us.

Eat Pray Love is that bookĀ to me. It speaks very deeply to me in the present andĀ seems to mirror where I want to go, what I want to do and the life I want to live. The book is written by Elizabeth Gilbert and chronicles her journeys georgraphically from Italy to India and then Indonesia and also emotionally from an unhappy marriage, divorce and then a new marriage having gained a lot of insight about herself in between. The book was the pick of the month for my book club but I was slow in purchasingĀ it as I had not heard any buzz about it and figured I would get it last minute and race through it just in time for the book club meeting. On a movie night with my family about a week ago, my mother picked the film adaptation of the book. And while I am absolutely against watching a movie before reading the book, I partly went along with the movie choice because I was hoping to get some insight that might help me get through the book faster. Surprisingly enough, to me at least, I left the movie theatre with the intention of ordering the book the very next day; which I did. I was stillĀ skeptical about whether or not I would be able to get into the book and I think I carried that mindset with me for the first few pages before it sucked me in. My book club is in 3 days and I am reluctant to finish this book.Ā I feel like it is a book best read slowly so that one can take in and ponder theĀ message one chapter at a time.Ā  There is so much that touches me in this book and presently I am fascinated by the idea of writing a letter to God asking for something specific. Like the author, I believe that God alone knows what I need and deserve and I should not ask for specific things but that his will be done however he sees fit. On the advice of a friend, the author pens a letter to God and mentally adds the signatures of friends and anyone elseĀ in the world (dead or alive)Ā who she thinks would vouch for the authenticity of her request. I think that is a very powerful way of communicating with God or even so, just being able to see what you want on paper and being able to acknowledge what it is you want. Later on in the book, the authour starts a journal wherein she records conversations she has with God. She writes that “Maybe the voice I am reaching for is God,…or maybe it is indeed a subconstruct of my subconcious, invented in order to protect me from my own torment.” This speaks to me very personally becuase as an avid journaller(sic) I believe in the release that comesĀ from writing things down. Therefore, I am going to start experimenting with writing and asking God for specific things. I am not expecting an answer and maybe I should not even start the process with preconceived notions as such but the author does write that getting responses where ever they may come from are her own experience. However, for the sake of living a better life and learning and growing into a better person, I am going to do it. I wish the best for myself.

Life is a journey and this is mine.


One thought on “Eat Love Pray I – Writing to God

  1. I love this one Leo. As I was reading it I felt this wave of emotion in my belly. I think you are exactly, totally, and completely right. I did not really consider the personal journey that each of us has in our own lives and how this book will introduce us or reaquaint us with that journey. At times, even now I would get so anxious to read forward while reluctant not to rush the inner workings that were taking place. This blog is such a reminder to remove the staff out of your eye so as not to be blinding by the staff in anothers. I really appreciate your post.

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