Groceries and Friends.

So I shopped for groceries this morning after work. I went mainly because Publix was having a sale on crab legs and I just had to have them. However, since it is very easy to get carried away while shopping, I made a mental note about what to get, keeping in mind that I cannot buy anything that requires long-term storage. I must say I am very proud of my haul. I got two loaves of bread and that was only because they were on sale -BOGO (Buy One Get One free). How could I pass that up? I am on the night shift at work and have been battling with what to eat on my “lunch” break if anything at all. So far I have been bringing in the meals I have made at home but because I am concerned about eating heavily at night even though I am most active at that time, I decided to start making sandwiches and since I do not eat meat, I had to get creative with cheese. I ended up with 5 different cheeses: provolone, muenster, havarti, butterkase and a jalapeno white cheddar. I am quite excited about the cheeses but a little more so about the light and easy lunches I can now prepare. I also got some stir fry vegetable and an onion and garlic. My one and only compulsive buy was a bottle of stain remover and even then, I did need it. So all in all, I must say I had a great shopping expedition that I hope can last me at least two weeks.

Now the friends part of the blog. I have a cousin who it seems calls random people, friend. Yesterday morning, I drove the family to a dealership so that we could all participate and celebrate my cousin picking up her very first car. As I parked the car, my cousin exclaims that she sees her friend. I look around but all I can see is a salesman. I ask her where her friend went because I do not see said friend and she points to the salesman. Now, this cousin of mine is notorious for meeting people in the weirdest places. She has made friends at bus stops, in parking lots and even restrooms… I don’t have proof about that last one but I would not be surprised. So when she points to the salesman, I immediately get condescending and ask her how long she has known him for. She responds that she has known him for 2 months as she rushes out of the car to give him a hug. At this point I am laughing from a sense of superiority at how simple she can be to call this man who I believe she barely knows a friend. Side bar:  While she walked away with her “friend” to finalise the details of her purchase, my other cousin and I fawn over the brand new 2011 Nissan Z and the Nissan GT-R which I am very seriously considering. We are in the GT-R, day dreaming about how cool we would look driving down Peachtree Street when my mother comes storming out. She accuses me of being selfish and not helping my cousin with her purchase. I am stunned as, I am thinking to myself, well what the heck am I supposed to be doing? The deal was finalised in my absence and I assumed we were  there to pick the car up. Well my mother insists that I take a look at the car and 5 minutes later, I find myself staring under the hood of a car, not quite sure what I should be looking at. On both sides, I am flanked by my cousin and my mother, who are both staring at my face as if trying to read my verdict as to the condition of the vehicle. Mind you, while I can tell you the make, model and average year of a car at a mere glance, what exists under the hood is as mysterious to me as what goes on at the Bunny ranch. I know how to check for oil, refill windshield washer fluid and where the fan belt and battery are located but that’s about it. However, in order to appease my mother, I stare for a little bit, poke a few things, hum my approval and declare the car worthy. But no, I have to sit in it as well. Okay, so I do that, and this vantage point is more familiar to me. It looked aesthetically sound and I was able to give an actual educated opinion about it. Inspection done, we returned to the salesman’s office for the exchange of the keys. Okay now back to the topic. Later that day as I refected on my reaction to my cousin and her friend, I had to pause and review my thought process. What makes a friend? Is there a time limit on when one can be called a friend? Is there a particular criteria for classifying and assigning friendship? I admit that my friendships can be fickle. I do not make very many friends and I judge the ones I have sometimes very harshly. In my opinion, sometimes I take more and give less and do not nurture some of the friendships I have because I just do not appreciate them as I should. While I am starting to recognise these traits more and I am making a conscious effort to address them, I cannot help but imagine the very rich experiences my cousin is able to take away from all her numerous friendships. The lives she is able to affect and how much more enriched of a person she can become. It gave me considerable pause, and I am going to make a conscious effort to try to become more like my cousin. I am going to try to become a better friend and even leave myself open to meeting and making friends in the most unlikely of places. This is not going to be an easy task for a self-proclaimed social introvert but I can only try. As I write this, I also cannot help but think about my friend Fritz. He seems to keep in touch with everyone and even does so after what I sometimes perceive as no response from some individuals he has reached out to on numerous occasions. Now personally, I would have and have written people off at the first “infraction”, but when you look at it bare bones, he loses nothing. If anything, he is showing the true mark of a friend: to persevere and be there no matter what. And how can a person not be personally enriched and fundamentally blessed by that?

P.S: I just found out that the Nissan GT-R is Nissan’s version of the Porche 911 with an MSRP of $85,060. Dream deferred.

Life is a journey and this is mine.


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