New Year…resolutions and such.

This new year, 2011, I resolve to have no resolutions. I am not sure who started this tradition but I am yet to meet someone who kept their new year’s resolution all year. Some fail the very day!! I compare this to making beginning of the week resolutions. Why do we feel the need to commence a particular action at the start of a time cycle. I find that the best resolutions are made spontaneously with no regard to time and space continuum. When I decided to go natural, I just woke up one morning and decided that I was done with the creamy crack. Presently, I am contemplating locing my hair and have been going back and forth about it for a while.  I briefly considered ushering in the new year by starting them then, but that sounded like a resolution to me and I scrapped that plan. I know that when it does eventually happen it won’t be because I make a promise to myself to do so at the start of the week.  It will just happen and that is what resolutions should be; spontaneous acts that occur because we have resolved that we are ready for change regardless of the time of the year.  

That being said, I do want to continue my journey towards self growth, becoming a better person-mentally, spiritually, fundamentally. I plan to continue being environmentally conscious, continue eating healthy, and being a little more selfish. Yes I said being selfish. I am plenty selfish as is, but I think I need to go up a notch or two. Oftentimes, I put others ahead of myself either because I don’t value myself enough, or I don’t want to hurt a person’s feelings or because I am trying to avoid confrontation. Well, I am going to work on that!! No mas!!


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