I just finished writing a review for Kiosco in Marietta and I figured it would also serve as my writing for the day but I cannot access it to post in my blog as I decided to do something different. Writers are supposed to be an artisitc bunch but I could never figure out what else I was good at artistically besides writing. Growing up, my dad always had a camera around. He was always taking pictures and as with lots of practice comes skill, by the time I was in my teens, he was a pro at photo taking. This intensified my interest in photography but only in the last couple of years have I really pursued developing said skill. Therefore, I present to you, the jewels of my photography treasure trove!

The blend of old and new – New Orleans, Louisiana.











America invades ArubaOranjestad, Aruba.








The first sepia picture I ever took –  Palm Beach, Aruba.









(Black and White beautifies it all.) The sun sets on Palm Beach – Palm Beach, Aruba.



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