I spent a week in Korea and that experience was out of this world. I am a traveller and my travelling style is immersion. I like to live like the locals, eat like the locals and live like the locals. I find it pointless to travel to another country and eat french fries and burgers. How can you say you really visited a country if you do not taste its food or inhale its scent or hear the constant clearing of the throats and spitting!?!? Okay I digress.

One of the places I visited in Seoul was Soedaemun¬†Prison. This is where the¬†Japanese housed Koreans who were opposed to their occupation¬†of Korea. It was built to house 500 although the standard size of most Korean prisons was 300. At its max, it housed over 3500 and torture was a part of everyday life. Cells that were meant to hold 7 now held 35 Continue reading “Apologies”


Happy Birthday dear sister!

¬†Let me start by saying: I am a pessimist. I say this in an attempt to excuse what I am about to say. I think funerals are fake! Carefully selected loved ones come before a congregation¬†and talk about how wonderful the corpse lying in front¬†of them was. Even if the dead person was BTK, everyone¬†who comes forth always finds something nice to say about him. “He was such a cute baby.” “He never cried.” “He was a wonderful husband and father.” Never mind that he went out at night and killed. For whatever reason, it seems sacrilegious to mention any wrong doings the dead is guilty of. So why begin a missive titled “Happy Birthday dear¬†sister” with a rant about funerals? Well it is my sister’s birthday and I wanted to write an open letter to her but I did not want it to be¬†nothing but praise because that is so not reality. So be forewarned sister, I am spilling some beans in here!

Ch√®re¬†soeur, I do not remember much about my childhood but the earliest memories I have are with you. You were my constant companion and play mate. I remember going to school and looking forward to¬†retuning home¬†so that I could play with you. I do not remember us ever fighting.¬†The adults used to say¬†it was because¬†you were so tiny as a child and I was… much bigger. But I do not think that was the reason; we just got along well. As we both know, you were very smart as a child. Do you remember switching our cups of juice while I Continue reading “Happy Birthday dear sister!”