There are two emotions that paralyze me most… well two thatĀ I can think of now: Love and Fear. I fear love and I seem to love fear. Crazy huh? It will take me all day to try to explain why I fear love so we shall focus on fear today.

I dislike fear so much and yet I respect it. Fear prevents me from making the impossible possible. It limits my abilities, it crushes my dreams. How can I not respect it for being so powerful? I let fear prevent me from speaking up at work, and most recently, I am letting fear prevent me from achievingĀ a childhood dream of going to Harvard. It has been about 5 years since I graduated from college and while it was not my plan to have been out so long without getting a post-graduateĀ degree, I made best of my lifeĀ with the cards I was dealt.Ā Therefore when I think about furthering my education,Ā I am gripped with such an intense fear Continue reading “Fear”