Foreword: This excuse for a blog entry was made possible by two people. The first is my sister. I promised her that I would write something before she left for ‘Frisco. She has been there for 2 days so I am quite late. However, some body once said “Better late than never!” The second is someone I have never met but who inspired me immensely after reading her story. She goes by est1987.net. She is a mother of two, a full time student and holds down a full time job. She writes the most amazing entries and her honesty is almost too much to bear. I am the mother of none, I do not go to school and have full time job but I cannot make the time to write everyday? Compared to her, I am ashamed of myself. I can do better and I need to do better.

When I started blogging, it was because I had entered a new phase in my life: I had a home of my own for the first time in several years, I was starting to acquire earthly possessions that I had thought were unattainable and I was determined to live a green and healthy life. Somewhere along the way I think I lost my focus of blogging about my new and exciting life, may be because it was not as exciting anymore. Instead, my blogs took on more of a journaling tone and this I know was because I had stopped writing in my journal. I have been keeping a diary since I was about 7. My mum got me my very first one and provided me with one each year until I left home for college. When I was younger I did not think much about the gift but in retrospect, I can now see that my mother was encouraging a natural talent I had. She was covertly pushing me to develop my writing skills. When my sister started her blog I was going through a dry blogging spell and one day as we talked about her first couple of posts she asked for my average reader per post count. When I told her she expressed disbelief as it was very low compared to her audience. This got me to thinking as I sometimes do, about social media in general. I know some people who can barely wait for the digital ink to dry on a picture before they run to post it on Facebook because they cannot wait to read the comments and see how many people will “like” it. Facebook has somehow gotten tied in to some peoples’ self worth and I realized that I did not want that to happen to me and my blog. The way I see it, I have a talent, I could use said talent to write a classic but I am not holding my breath on that, therefore I write to entertain and also because it is an outlet for me. So to my 4 followers, thank you for affirming that I do have a talent because I would rather have 4 people who I am sure like reading what I write versus 50 who “like” what I write because it is the cool thing to do.

By the way, why is my sister not following me?


2 thoughts on “Random

  1. Hehehe, so now I am ‘following’ you, although it can be said that I do keep track of your posts mentally, and that is why I am always on your case about blogging more. The reason I was amazed that you did not get more traffic is because I think you are an amazing writer, and you have an excellent command of the language which should make anyone crave to read your thoughts!!! So yeah, I will keep publicizing until you get sooo much traffic that wordpress kicks you out! hehehehe. Your work deserves a large audience!

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