Really?!?! That’s what you were thinking about?

Everytime I ride my bike on the freeway and the byways, I always anticipate that the people in the cars around me will do something stupid causing an accident and so I am constantly reviewing my exit strategies. As I rode home from work today, I was doing just that, analyzing the situation around me when I realised that I had a salad in my back pack. In my minds eye, I imagined myself having to drop the bike because somebody cut me off. Immediately the first thought that came to mind was “My salad will get squished!!!”

About 3 or maybe 4 years ago, my sister and I rented a pickup truck and drove to see my mum. In the cab of the truck were carefully selected juicy mammoth sized plantains. They were perfectly ripe and I could barely wait for my mother and my sister to transform them into culinary masterpeices. Well it was not to be as we were in a roll over accident. We had to crawl out of the car through the window and were whisked to the hospital promptly. On our way home, I could not help but ask “Are we going to go back to the accident site to retrieve the plantains?”


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