Your life is in my hands

When we go in for surgery, we put all our trust in the medical doctors. We allow them to put us in a medically induced coma and cut into our flesh. We also trust them to prescribe chemicals that we will ingest hoping that the side effects they warn us about will be manageable and if we are lucky a no show. We put our lives in their hands and trust that we will come out unscathed and the better for it. Trust – willingness to rely on the actions of another person.

Every time I take someone for a ride on Midnight, my motorcycle, I am aware that they essentially putting their life in my hands. Riding motorcycles is fun but the truth of the matter is that it is a very dangerous hobby. One wrong move and you are off that bike and on the high way. Once down, survival is very unlikely and all you can do is try to say your last good byes in the few seconds you have before you get run over by one or several cars that were behind you and that you probably rode passed without a care in the world. As a rider, you are taught to always be aware of your surroundings and sometimes, it can be very taxing mentally as you are constantly in a high state of alert. That state heightened state of awareness is magnified when I have someone behind me. Not only am I aware that according to the law I may be liable for their demise but morally, I know that I could not live with myself knowing that I may have made a decision that caused someone to lose their lives. Every single decision I make on Midnight could be life and death and it is a very sobering feeling. I have never ridden behind anyone on a motorcycle because truth be told, I have not been able to trust anyone completely. Therefore, to everyone who has ever entrusted me with their lives and ridden behind me, I say a heartfelt thank you for placing your complete trust in me.



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