Build a new nest

Human beings should be more like birds. This is my mother’s new favourite line. As we took a road trip through Mount Cameroon together, she pointed out the birds and the reason for her utterance. I apologize in advance for lacking the proper nomenclature for the avian in question. So, the male avian constructs it’s nest from palm tree leaves and once it is complete, he sets about finding a mate. Once he has selected one, he proceeds to court and woo her through song and dance. If he is successful, they move into the nest together and live happily ever after until some hunter shoots them down. If she rejects him, he goes back to the nest, destroys it and sets about building a new one in a new location.( I have seen those nests and they are neither simple nor easy. You can actually buy them in the tourist market in Douala which speaks to their creativity.) Once done he goes back out again in search of the one. He repeats this until he finds his one true love. While this “oh so sweet” gesture is quite tender, he does destroy quite a few trees in this courtship ritual especially if he is not the most eligible bachelor and gets several rejections. Nevertheless, it speaks to the dedication of these birds that they will not take something that was intended for one and give to another.

In relating this gesture to humans, it is easy like I did to assume that this translates to material gifts. My first thought was, so everytime you date someone new you have to move homes and throw out everything in it? But then common sense kicked in and I realise that it has nothing to do with earthly possessions; it is about mental and emotional baggage. Do not take your old qualms, idiosyncrasies, bad habits that you learned, picked up or acquired from the previous emotional tenant and use for the new. Instead, every time you meet someone new, mentally “destroy” the old you. Let the people you meet in the future come into a new clean mental and emotional house.

P.S: It is 3 o’clock in the morning and I am working on about 4 hours of sleep. Any mistakes are NOT my own but I will try to figure out who to blame.


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