My quirky habits.

My major in college was Psychology and I think it was quite appropriate for the way I am and the way I turned out.

As I checked my front door last night for the 4th time before going to sleep, I realized that I have several neurotic habits and it tickled me so. Therefore, for your reading pleasure, I shall catalogue below some of my… shall we say interesting habits.

  • I check the front door several times before going to bed and when I leave the house. I am always certain it is locked but I cannot sleep or leave if I have not checked it a couple of times.
  • I do not like odd numbers. If I am eating jelly beans, I have to eat them in pairs and if possible the same colours at a time. I drink liquids in two sips and if I take a big gulp that fills me, I still have to take a tiny sip to make it a pair. If I am eating cashews, I will bite one in half to make it two before I chew. When I put on perfume, it is in even numbered sprays.
  • I will not sleep in an odd numbered room or live in an odd numbered apartment. If I have no choice, I find a way to make the odd number even. For example, Rm. 1403 becomes Rm. 404 (I add the 1 to the 3 and it becomes 4!!)
  • I rearrange shelves at the grocery store. If the bread is out of order or the cans are not lined up I will rearrange them. I find it very hard to walk by without doing so. I have unfortunately had to forgo this as shoppers keep coming up to me to ask for the location of products and then look at me weirdly when I tell them I do not work in the store.
  • I wash my unmentionables by hand. This is a remnant of boarding school but still a habit I cannot break. If they are mistakenly laundered in the machine, I won’t wear them until I have washed them by hand. In college, I used to iron them but unfortunately I do not have the time anymore.

So there you have it, my precious rituals. While I do not feel that something bad will happen if I do not go through with some of the things on this list like people suffering from OCD do, I feel much better when I perform them.

So readers and friends, do you have any quirks or weird habits, pray tell because I’d love to know that I am not alone.


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