The power of words

Words are extremely powerful and I have known this all my life as I am a prolific reader. I read while I eat, in the car at a traffic light, at the dinner table with friends, in the bathroom, in the ballroom, I have even tried to read in the shower. While reading the words put down on paper by another allows me to escape into my imagination, putting down my thoughts on paper allows me to quiet the never ending chatter that goes on in my head. As I was writing in my diary today, I started thinking about someone I was upset with and what I would say to them if I could see them. Then I recalled the therapeutic practice of letter writing used a method to let go of disturbing and distracting emotions. With that in mind, I decided to write open letters to all the people who are currently living in my head rent free. There is the ex who transferred their feelings of inadequacy onto me and I have carried those feelings for almost 2 years, a friend with whom I am no longer close whose cryptic text message left me wondering if they were apologizing because they felt bad or because Jesus told them to. Another ex who re entered my life after a nasty break up and with whom I tried to rebuild a friendship but that friendship ended up feeling like the relationship we had, a family member who I allowed to treat me like a child and then they ran with it and last but not least my hair because we have a love/hate relationship!. I am not expecting to feel all better after writing these letters but I am hoping that seeing the words on paper will allow me to reexamine my thought processes about the situations, give me clarity about my feelings and enable me to take actions that will leave me in better harmony with myself.


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