Hello there blogosphere, I am back! I was making a very concerted effort at blogging every couple of days but the close 16 plus hours I have been putting in at work derailed that goal. The reason for this was that I had goals at work and come months end I would have achieved said goals and can get back to doing the things I love e.g writing.

Yes, I took this picture with my phone. What?!?!

So what has been going on with me these past weeks? Well, I have always loved the service and felt like I missed out on enlisting when I was younger i.e in my teens. But after a chance encounter with an Airman a couple of weeks ago, I have decided to take a stab at it. I am very excited but my one and only worry is that I will have to take my piercing out and it has not completely healed. Continue reading



I had several ideas in my head about what I would be writing today when I received an email from a colleague. Four short phrases that carried a lot meaning at least to me.

Step back every now and then to soak in a memory so you don’t forget it. Once in a while a memory will float into my mind, I smell a scent, I hear a sound and it brings beautiful memories to the surface of my mind; I like that. It is important to catch a memory, ponder upon it and then go on until the next happy thought floats by and you grab on it just to escape; If only for a moment in time.

As a writer, I am still learning and struggling to be poignant and effective in as few words as possible. Work in progress.

Angry now. Laugh later.

Dear Cool kids!!
Yes you dear readers. Anyone who reads my blog is a cool kid. I wish I could say this is an original idea but in actuality, I kinda stole it from a friend and for that reason, I am giving her a plug on my blog. She will be great one day and hopefully as she accepts her Grammy, my name will be located somewhere on her very long list written in pencil. Why in pencil? I don’t know. I am random.
So any who (that I stole from the character Franklin on My wife and kids), when you last read from me, I was writing open letters to some people in my life. So far, I have completed. As I pondered upon what I was ‘fixing to” (shout out to the south) say in my next letter, I realized that I am looking forward to reading these letters in a couple of years. Sometimes, we get so angry at someone or something however with the passage of time we are unable to remember the exact reason for our anger. A friend of mine returned home from work one day to a dark house. The lights did not work and he was quite certain he had paid the bill. Once he was able to locate a flashlight, he noticed that most of his possessions were gone – he had been cleaned out, all that seemed to be left were his clothes. In the midst of panicking and trying to deal with the notion that he had been robbed, he realized that his wife had left him taking everything in the house with her. Then it hit him why the lights did not work; she had taken every last bulb in the house. How angry do you have to be to take every single bulb in the house? If she journals, I am sure she will one day read the entry for that day and laugh at herself. So as I write these letters, presently I hope they bring me closure and clarity and for the future, I hope they make me smile.