Hello there blogosphere, I am back! I was making a very concerted effort at blogging every couple of days but the close 16 plus hours I have been putting in at work derailed that goal. The reason for this was that I had goals at work and come months end I would have achieved said goals and can get back to doing the things I love e.g writing.

Yes, I took this picture with my phone. What?!?!

So what has been going on with me these past weeks? Well, I have always loved the service and felt like I missed out on enlisting when I was younger i.e in my teens. But after a chance encounter with an Airman a couple of weeks ago, I have decided to take a stab at it. I am very excited but my one and only worry is that I will have to take my piercing out and it has not completely healed. I sure do know how to look at the big picture don’t I?


The process.

Last week was my friend Jordy’s birthday. I promised to make him some oxtails and brownies because while I believe my sister and mother and cousins and grandmother (did I leave anyone out?) are great cooks, my friends seem to have some warped idea that I can cook. I took pictures so that I could try to one up my sister the food blogger, but my computer is at the shop. Shop = a co-worker’s house. He is tuning it up for me for free and so I can’t rush him.

Turkey day 2012 @ 0730

In the last couple of weeks, I have decided to get very serious about my physical fitness. Every year I make goals to be a certain size by my birthday but this year, I have realized that those have been pipe dreams; wishes without the work. I don’t know what changed this time around but I am determined to do better this year. For one, I have to be fit to enlist and secondly, I am getting older and I fear the aging process more than I fear cockroaches. Therefore, if I am to slow down the wrinkles, joint deterioration, sagging arm flaps and droopy A & Ts, I need to start now!

It feels great to be writing again.


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