Today I took my niece to see the Wiggles on their farewell tour. 3 of the original 4 members are leaving the group and therefore this was their chance to say good-bye. The concert was held at the majestic Fox Theatre in Atlanta and this was my very visit. The theatre is beautiful and seeing as my job offers discounted tickets to the Fox, I will most definitely be visiting again for some more adult fare. I love spending time with Victoria – the niece, and I have tried to do so as often as I can this summer. The constant chatter wears me out sometimes
– Is that your helmet?
– Yes.
– You use it for the motorcycle?
– Yes.
– You wear it on your head?
– Yes.
– How?
– Is your motorcycle big or small?
– Big.
– How big?
– Not that big.
– Is it medium?
– Yes.
– Why didn’t you say so?
– You never asked!!
However, watching her giggle with glee as she splashes in the pool or calling out to me to watch her show off her gymnastic skills makes my heart swell. She never ceases to catch me off guard when she runs up to give me hugs at random moments: oh how I adore that little girl! Anyone who has ever bothered listening to me knows that I am not shy about voicing the opinion that I do not intend to have kids. They are too much of a responsibility for me to make that decision casually and I have way too much I still want to do with my life. Will I regret that decision someday? Maybe, but I believe I will be happier knowing that I did not just have kids just because I am a woman and I have child bearing hips. Besides, if my brother and sister have kids, I can just continue to be the aunt who spoils her nieces and nephews to death and yet continues to call them rugrats as I do most of my younger cousins. But like I told my sister, the kids have to be good-looking, I do not like ugly children!


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