My journey to health!

As I take this journey to a better, slimmer, fitter, deserving of the Air Force me, I am amazed at the realizations I make along the way. When I cut my hair and decided to go natural, I never took the time to enjoy the journey. From the TWA – Teeny Weeny Afro, to trying out different styles on the growing hair, I was in such a hurry to have long curly natural hair that I never got to appreciate¬†each phase¬†properly. This time with my health, I am determined to do better. It is not about the number, it is about the journey to health and what I learn on my way to my goal of a healthier me. Since I am doing such a rotten job at journalling lately, I look forward to coming back to this blog and reliving the journey. The two things I have learned so far…

1. I am a snacker. I do not do well with just 3 meals spread out through the day. I have to have something to munch on constantly. My current snacks are cashews and crackers. I take 8 crackers and about 4 tablespoons of cashews with me to work and even if it means eating a couple of nuts and a cracker¬†every 15-30 mins, thats what I need to do. If I wait too long between meals. I get extremely hungry and prone to finding something unhealthy to shove down my throat. I am still learning about foods and how they nourish my body and I have to say I am definitely excited about that. **Warning grossness to follow.** I am¬†hoping to deal with what I eat in the same way I deal with menstural cramps. I¬†am lucky enough not to have to endure monthly cramping, and if I do they last about 30 minutes for the entire cycle. The way I deal with them is to visualize the reason¬†I am cramping. I visualize the walls of my uterus contracting and pushing” the stuff” down. Using this technique, I am able to feel no pain from the cramping. ** Grossness complete**¬†With food,¬†I¬†hope to¬†be¬†able to visualize what exactly it is doing in and to¬†my body and hopefully get to a place where I only want to put food that is good for and to¬†me in me.

2. I recently read a freshly pressed article here on WP, wherein the writer vilified Vibrams. However the basis of his article was that they looked funny. His article said nothing about the benefits of the shoes but instead sought to poke fun at the name “Five Fingers”. He contended that peple were buying into the shoes because of smart marketing¬†and for a millisecond, I doubted myself for the buying the shoes. However, while exercising the following morning, I made a discovery. I was doing Zumba in my shoes and kept feeling pain in my knees. I atributed this to my poor physical health and the fact that I may have been over using the shoes¬†without giving myself proper time to adapt to them. For whatever reason, instead of dancing and landing on my toes, I decided to use the balls of my feet. I kid you not, the pain was gone instantly! Now I am not saying that these are miracle shoes, however my belief is that with a good pair of “barefoot shoes” you learn to listen to your body. Now I know that when I dance, I need to use the balls of my feet and I believe in doing so, I¬†am inclined to¬†balance more¬†which aids to¬†strengthen muscles I would never have gotten¬†a chance to use were it not for “barefoot shoes”. All in all, this experience has¬†taught me to listen to my body and I look forward to more lessons.

P.S: I am participating in a program at work that rewards you with cash for getting healthy. My Lipid and Glucose levels were tested and I am perfect! I could stand to work on my LDL a little but everything else was great! The scary thing is I believe that I do not eat properly, so how I aced this test God alone knows. My Blood Pressure was great and that is where the good news ends. My body fat is out of control and therefore so is my BMI. If I can drop both numbers by January, I get $300. Even if I was not already on the path to better health, the lure of money would have been enough to get me to lose weight but I know it would not have been the healthy way and it might not have been permanent.


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