5 things I wish I could unhear

Have you ever heard something and immediately wished you could unhear it? Or seen something and wished you could wash your eyes out with rewind soap? While in college I used to visit sites like http://www.uselessjunk.com, http://www.collegehumor.com etc: these sites are filled with stupid, nasty and hideous pictures and videos. But because I have a very healthy sense of curiosity, morbidity and plain stupid, I would watch these videos with glee and trepidation. As I lay in bed last night I wondered of all the nasty, disgusting and vile things I have heard and listened to willingly, which of them I wish I had never heard. For the virgin ears and eyes that may read this, I am not going to define the terms, but if are brave enough, you can click on the words and learn something new today!
1. Felching.
2. 2 in the pink, 1 in the stink.
3. Dirty Sanchez.
4. 2 girls 1 cup.
5. Arctic missile
I just realized that all these words/phrases have a common denominator. Hmm, what gives?


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