I am off to Mexico! Voy a Mexico! It is going to be a much needed rest and I hope to take some lovely pictures with my new toy! I plan to visit the Mayan Ruins and take some pictures at sunrise so look forward to that. A concern I have is going to be trying to keep some kind of work out schedule. I plan to do sprints every morning if I can. My initial plan was to go running on the beach and while I am a little hesitant, I may still do it if only to catch a mexican sunrise and sunset.
As I got ready for this trip, I realised that I really hate the packing and mental preparation for trips. I hate having to be at the airport early, going through security, waiting till the entire plan has loaded to board , waiting to takeoff… That is where driving oneself  has flying beat – I pack up the car and go. I don’t wait for everyone else’s bag to load, I don’t have to wait for the air traffic controller to release the A/C, I don’t have to wait for the 10 other planes on the runway to take off, simply put I don’t have to wait. I think I just hate waiting.
Well, off I got to actually put some clothes in my bag. Entonces, hasta luego y nos vemos sabado! I hope.


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