My name is …….. and I am an alcoholic. Those words serve as an acknowledgement that one has a problem, has owned up to it and is ready to start working on changing destructive behaviours.

One of my favourite shows on TV is A&E’s Intervention. On the show, people with severe psychological disorders shows the world what it is like to be addicted to destructive behaviours/substances. At the beginning of the show, the person profiled states their name and announces their addiction. One of the powerful things to see is a person so steeped in their addiction and denial that they cannot even say those simple words – I am an/a/addicted to… Because saying those words means acknowledging one’s addictions, and having to address the issue. Until you can truly acknowledge your addiction, you cannot address the problem Continue reading “Relapse.”



So… I am trying to find a positive way to put this without saying: this week sucked hairy balls! I don’t think I ate anything healthy this week, and the days I had to work out without my trainer Continue reading “Update.”

Nine Eleven

World Trade Center Tribute Lights

I wanted so badly to put up a post for 9/11 but my schedule would not allow for it. It was going to be about where I was when it happened – In bed. My aunt woke me up and I thought she was joking. How I felt about it – Now that answer is too long and complicated and would require delicate handling so I shall save it for next year. Today however, in light of the bombings in Libya, the invasion of which I was completely against, I am reminded of one of my favourite quotes about 9/11. Now let me just say I am very non-political. I do not believe in any political parties, I believe in the lesser of two evils. Continue reading “Nine Eleven”

Lunch 09/07/12

I typed this up on Friday but the sleep angel carried me off to her lair before I had a chance to post it. I had a very busy weekend and did not get to make my lunch for today (09/09/12) so I had cereal for breakfast, 2 cups of popcorn, 2 eggs and a veggie personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut. Working on a better lunch for today.

It is almost 5 am. I am tired, sleepy, my feet hurt but noooo I have to force my eyes open and blog. This is all part of my mission to become more disciplined in all facets of my life: blog every day or every other day. How I came up with that theory, I don’t know. Anywho, lets get to it my bed awaits. Random: I have a burn mark between my thumb and pointer finger. It looks like a smiley face and I find it extremely distracting as I type. Continue reading “Lunch 09/07/12”

Lunch 09-06-12

This was my lunch today at work. As previously explained, I have determined that my eating style runs more along snacking than 3 sit down meals during the day. I am notorious for going out and buying “healthy” foods but not eating them before they go bad, so I decided to work with what was in my fridge and pantry. In the past I found that munching on Honey Roasted cashews throughout the day quelled my hunger and so that went into Box 1. Greek Yoghurt and a teaspoon of Agave went into Box 2. I am quite aware that Agave may just be sugar advertised Continue reading “Lunch 09-06-12”

I will not give up!

About two months ago, I decided to take my health more seriously. It has not been a walk in the park I tell ya. I worry about eating too little or eating too much. My biggest worry so far has been the equilibrum issues I have been having when I ride my motorcycle and that is no bueno. I am not able to fathom the thought of never being able to ride again and so I have to either figure out what is causing those issues and/or start eating properly.
I am not a fan of diets: I believe in eating “normally” in moderation. Continue reading “I will not give up!”