I will not give up!

About two months ago, I decided to take my health more seriously. It has not been a walk in the park I tell ya. I worry about eating too little or eating too much. My biggest worry so far has been the equilibrum issues I have been having when I ride my motorcycle and that is no bueno. I am not able to fathom the thought of never being able to ride again and so I have to either figure out what is causing those issues and/or start eating properly.
I am not a fan of diets: I believe in eating “normally” in moderation. However, I have been coming across the school of thought that we should eat for nourishement and not for pleasure. Yeah, I know. My brain has still not figured that out. In essence, I know that the statement is true. Modern humans have gotten so used to having excess food at their disposal that eating has become a recreational activity: We cook for relaxation, we eat for emotional suppport, we feed to show love; food has taken on a very different perspective in our lives so different from that of our fore fathers. I beleive that my eating style is snacking and I think this is probably a…inset word here…that I inherited from my fore fore fathers who were scavengers. They searched for food and ate whateer they found immediately as there existed no methods of storage at the time. As a result they were constantly eating yet moving as well which allowed them to burn the calories they were consuming. This is my interpretation of their lifestyle and what I think pertains to me; When I snack constantly through out the day, I never get a chance to be hungry and avoid pigging out on unhealthy food or getting tempted by something I have no business eating. It worked wonderfully for me before I started working out until the fear of getting hurt forced me to start eating regularly and I belive I gained some weight as a result of this. A friend advised me to study an athlete I admire and for me it is Serena Williams. I was compared to her when I played college tennis and I believe we have the same body type. Getting truly healthy is not easy by any means but a journey on which you learn more about yourself and what works for self. I hope to look back in a year and smile at the difficilties I am now facing and truly relish the success that would have come from my hard work.
So I follow this person on Instagram and she posts clean and healthy food


So what did I do? I went out and got some bowls of my own. Look forward to my version of clean and healthy.



One thought on “I will not give up!

  1. My dear its not easy but make sure to look at as a lifetime goal with no deadline. Yes short term goals are good but try not to fall into the trap/circle of setting extremely difficult goals, giving up when you don’t achieve them, taking a hiatus and them repeating the cycle all over again.
    Goodluck! I too struggle with this daily. There’s a fine line btw thick/curvy but healthy and just plain old obese + unhealthy


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