Lunch 09-06-12

This was my lunch today at work. As previously explained, I have determined that my eating style runs more along snacking than 3 sit down meals during the day. I am notorious for going out and buying “healthy” foods but not eating them before they go bad, so I decided to work with what was in my fridge and pantry. In the past I found that munching on Honey Roasted cashews throughout the day quelled my hunger and so that went into Box 1. Greek Yoghurt and a teaspoon of Agave went into Box 2. I am quite aware that Agave may just be sugar advertised as healthy and that hurts me so very deeply because I was a fan of the notion that it is natural and I refuse to use any sugar supplements like Splenda. Besides the artificial taste, I am not a fan of unnatural products. Truth be told, it was not my research that confirmed the unhealthy nature of Splenda but rather what I read somewhere on some site. Therefore, I am going to have to go and research for myself why it is so. Into Box 3 went pineapples. I am normally not a fan of pineapples but I decided to go with it as it was in my fridge. I even tried to boil the rind for juice like we do in my culture but it netted a negligible amount which I tossed. Into Box 4 went tomatoes with balsamic vinegar drizzled over the top. Now, I am not a fan of tomatoes but I was going to make an effort to eat it. And that was my “lunch” for the day… oh yeah I also had some cottage cheese and a 100 calorie pop tart to calm my sweet tooth.

How was lunch? Well, I hated the cottage cheese. I did not finish the pineapple. The nuts were assorted and I only ate the cashews, almonds and hazelnuts. I forced myself to eat the tomatoes but gave up after the 3rd slice and a cleaned out the yoghurt cup! The cottage cheese was a bust and the pop tarts are still in my bag…ok, I ate half.

What did I learn today? My “lunch” contained a lot of sugar; more sugar that I needed for the day. I learned that I should not try to eat food just because the magazines say they are healthy. And I learned that I need to start seriously thinking about the foods I put in my body, how they affect me and what nutrition I gain from eating them.

What are my concerns with snacking?

Variety: I am not a fan of the mundane and so I am hoping to be able to find foods that will keep me entertained… but should food really be entertainment?

This journey has to be one of the hardest I am going to ever take but also the most rewarding. Because I am not in the physical shape I want to be in, I look forward to my dream body but most of all I really hope to keep the Age monster off my back. You literally have no idea how scared I am of being old and aging and the age showing. A co-worker of mine who now works over seas stopped by to say hi this afternoon and her youthful appearance never fails to take my breath away. She is almost 45 but could pass for early 20s. That is what I want for myself, so all this giving up my beloved friend fried foods and cakes and Krispy Kreme doughnuts better work or else I am going to be a very pissed off old lady!!


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