Lunch 09/07/12

I typed this up on Friday but the sleep angel carried me off to her lair before I had a chance to post it. I had a very busy weekend and did not get to make my lunch for today (09/09/12) so I had cereal for breakfast, 2 cups of popcorn, 2 eggs and a veggie personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut. Working on a better lunch for today.

It is almost 5 am. I am tired, sleepy, my feet hurt but noooo I have to force my eyes open and blog. This is all part of my mission to become more disciplined in all facets of my life: blog every day or every other day. How I came up with that theory, I don’t know. Anywho, lets get to it my bed awaits. Random: I have a burn mark between my thumb and pointer finger. It looks like a smiley face and I find it extremely distracting as I type.

So lunch today consisted of 2 hard boiled eggs, salmon, polenta cubes, yoghurt and nuts. I got called out on my nuts because they are honey roasted and therefore not that healthy and truth be told I probably would not eat them as much if they were not sweet. Did I mention my insatiable sweet tooth yet? I had yoghurt today with a very negligible amount of Agave as I am working on weaning myself off it and eventually eating the yoghurt plain. The hard boiled eggs were just so: sliced with a dash of salt. I know yolks are bad for your cholosterol or so they say but I had my cholesterol levels checked recently and I had a perfect score, so I am going to keep eating egg yolks until further notice. The polenta was leftovers and even though I love the taste, I need to read more into the nutritional content. So that was “lunch”! I devoured the nuts in the first two hours of work and after about about 30 mins I felt hungry. Forgetting that I still had my eggs and yoghurt left and thinking all I had was the salmon, when the demon with good intentions aka my coworker offered me a bag of potato chips, I am sad to say I went down miserably. What’s worse is the fact that it did not even taste good but I am going to think positive and just make sure this does not happen again. I ate my eggs a couple of hours later but did not get to the yoghurt until about the 8th hour. I figured I was done for the day but when I realised I was probably going to be at work for another 4 hours, I decided to eat the salmon. If I can be honest with myself, I was not really hungry. I just wanted to eat it because I had it and also because of the fear that if I did not eat enough, my matabolism would slow down my body would shut down and I would never ever ever be able to shed pounds ever again! I can be just a teensy bit overly dramaic sometimes. So with that inhaled, I had consumed all food for the day.
Today’s lunch was much more pleasing to my palate but I hope to do some reading this weekend about food and the different ways in which they affect our bodies.


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