So… I am trying to find a positive way to put this without saying: this week sucked hairy balls! I don’t think I ate anything healthy this week, and the days I had to work out without my trainer were horrible. I do not like working out by myself. I find it near impossible to push me the way he does. When I work out with him, we have a sort of competition going on. I refuse to give up before he does and strive to match him as best I can. But when I am by myself I don’t put in as much effort as I should. I think I have realised that I do not necessarily like cardio. I am trying really hard not to just say I HATE cardio becauseĀ truth be told I probably don’t. I do not mind strength training as time seems to fly and I find that concentrating on the part of the body I am working on and imagining the results is very pleasing to me. So far my cardio has been running and I get very veryĀ bored with running. Very bored. Very. Bored….where was I? Oh yeah being positive. So what I have learned from this week is that I need to put forth more effort in my nutrition. I need to read more and stop making excuses for not having the proper foods at home to eat. And even though the journey may seem hard at the moment I am going to learn something from it. Why is it hard? What can I do to change things? As for my lousy solo workout solo, I believe I just need to suck it up and remember my goals. Tonight at work I was slightly euphoric. I kept dancing around to the amusement of those around me.Ā As aĀ pessimist, I am certain the hammer is about to drop in some aspect of my life for with yingĀ comes yang. And since I am extremely morbid I began to imagine what my co-workers would have to say about me if I got into accident on my way home. ” She was so happy when she left work.” “I can still see her dancing around with the scanner in her hand.” Any who, as I danced around I realised that I love to dance. Love it! If I could find a Soca club that was open in the mornings, I would go there and dance for 2 hours even 4 as my cardio. Simply put I need to find a cardio workout that excites me and tis very possible.
Saturday I compete in the Mud Run. Funny thing is I was so apprehensive about the race when I signed up but since then, the more I talk with people who doubt my ability to finish the race or tell me it is too hard, the more I am determined to complete it. I mean there is pretty much no doubt in my mind that I will be completing it. The only dilemma right now is what shoes to wear for the race. I refuse to wear my vibramsĀ as I paid too much for those suckers to go squelching through the mud. At this point I may just pull an East African fave and run bare feet!


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