Why I don’t like Nurses. Part 1

Once upon a time my dream was to go to Medical School and become a doctor like my dear old Dad. But the truth is I am better at creating stories than saving lives. It was a hard pill to swallow but I think I have made my peace with it. As I conducted research on medical schools , I came across several Top 5 lists. The one that struck me most was the Top 5 Medical Schools for bedside manner. I define that as some schools teach students to become excellent care givers and and some schools focus on having the future MD relate to the patient as well as providing excellent care. My main source of medical experience and knowledge are my dad who is a Surgeon and my uncle who is an Ob-Gyn. Both these men have excellent bed side manner and their patients love them to pieces. Growing up, I remember my dad coming home with random gifts that he had been given in thanks for treating a patient. The weirdest gift I ever remember him receiving was an Alligator – oh yes, a living breathing alligator. As we stood around staring, wondering what we would do with it, (my idea was keep it as a pet) my fearless mother had already come up with 5 dishes into which she could incorporate the alligator meat. And while I did not know what the exact term was, I knew that there was a right way and a wrong way for a medical professional to talk to a patient. Continue reading


Gasp! I am breaking records here!

Two posts in two days! On two separate sites – check out the other one here. I am well on my way to becoming a prolific writer! It is the power of the new Mac! Yeah right! Part of the reason is that I am very excited about being able to blog/write again and so much has happened during my juice cleanse that I want to share it all before I forget it. And there has been a lot happening in my “regular” life as well. I had a birthday in November…aww thank you thank you. Now I typically hate birthdays and besides receiving presents, I can’t think of any other reason why I would celebrate them at all. I am typically a loner who currently has no close friends and so for most of the year, the majority of the calls I receive are from family. But on this blessed day, even the dead awake to wish me happy birthday. The torrent of attention stands in sharp contrast to the 365 days that precede my birthday. Furthermore, knowing that come the very next day I won’t hear from these people for another whole year borderline depresses me. So this year, instead of wallowing in self pity and depression I decided to do something unique: I decided to visit my childhood home. This required that I take an hour and a half flight and then driver for about 45 mins. Continue reading

I have a new blog!

When I first started this blog, I struggled to find a topic. I am extremely random and I found that the posts tended to be all over the place. I recently embarked on a health and fitness journey which started with a juice cleanse. This cleanse has led me to explore health and fitness in ways that I once perceived as inconceivable. I would love to share that journey but at the same time, I would like to keep an outlet where i can be random and blog about anything. Therefore, I created a new blog that will focus solely on my health and fitness journey. You can check out my very post here and do follow or subscribe to it so that learn more about what the past month and half has been like for me and what the future holds for me post juice cleanse.The blog is very sterile at the moment as I using a new computer and can barely find the backspace button! It is a work in progress like myself but we will get it together!

I’m back!

It’s been too long! My computer started acting up about 4 months ago and even though it was still functional, it was stressful to use and I eventually gave up using it. I could have gone out and bought a new one immediately but what I wanted was not going to be such an easy purchase. See I wanted a MacBook Pro: the powerhouse! I am a photographer and I need a computer capable of handling my editing needs. I have also been toying with the idea of making a documentary and Apple has some of the best editing software out there. Well, after much saving and back and forth with myself, I finally took the plunge and got myself an MBP. I tend to suffer from buyer’s remorse every time I buy something that is worth more than $20, so while I am plenty excited it will take me a while to get comfortable with the purchase. My life has changed so much since I was last here and I cannot wait to document it all on this blog for posterity. Being a brand new Mac user except for every now and then with a friend’s computer I am off to learn about this machine so that I can handle it properly!