Gasp! I am breaking records here!

Two posts in two days! On two separate sites – check out the other one here. I am well on my way to becoming a prolific writer! It is the power of the new Mac! Yeah right! Part of the reason is that I am very excited about being able to blog/write again and so much has happened during my juice cleanse that I want to share it all before I forget it. And there has been a lot happening in my “regular” life as well. I had a birthday in November…aww thank you thank you. Now I typically hate birthdays and besides receiving presents, I can’t think of any other reason why I would celebrate them at all. I am typically a loner who currently has no close friends and so for most of the year, the majority of the calls I receive are from family. But on this blessed day, even the dead awake to wish me happy birthday. The torrent of attention stands in sharp contrast to the 365 days that precede my birthday. Furthermore, knowing that come the very next day I won’t hear from these people for another whole year borderline depresses me. So this year, instead of wallowing in self pity and depression I decided to do something unique: I decided to visit my childhood home. This required that I take an hour and a half flight and then driver for about 45 mins.

Little Red death trap.
Little Red death trap.

I rented a little red Ford Focus which reinforced my seemingly new love for small cars. Being almost 5 feet 10 inches tall does not driving small cars make, but my current dream car is a Mini Cooper. Not those new 4 door monstrosities but the little 2 door standard. If I could find one just like Mr. Bean’s I would be in heaven! Anyway, I digress… so after about 45 minutes I pulled up to the house in which I spent the first years of my life in. My parents had given me excellent directions for two people who claim to be getting old, but I think it also speaks to the unchanging nature of small towns that 20+ years later I was able to find my way with directions just as old. As I had boarded the plane earlier that morning, my grandmother called to wish me a happy birthday and asked what I was doing. When I told her, she got extremely excited and told me what a wonderful idea it was. Until then, even though my parents had given me all the information I needed I still wondered if they thought I was crazy for wanting to take this journey back in time. My grandmother then told me that she had taken my aunt on such a trip back to Scotland where she was born and that she was proud of me for doing this on my own.

Childhood home.
Childhood home.

I am seldom emotional but extremely imaginative and pulling up to the house where I began my life created a cesspool of emotions I could barely handle. I tried to imagine my parents bringing home their first child, what my nursery looked like, how the house was decorated. It took me a while to compose my self before I could move on and even then I almost did not want to. I had essentially come full circle and while some people are born, live and die in the same town and even same home, my life has taken me to several continents and back, and being able to stand in the city of my birth was no small accomplishment. By this time, my parents seemed to have caught the nostalgia virus and wanted me to take pictures of the entire town. They wanted to see what it looked like and how it had changed and I was more than willing to indulge them. God willing, I will live to see several more birthdays but I don’t believe any of them will be able to hold a candle to the significance that this last one holds for me.

Come to think of it, this last birthday was very unique indeed. My sister made me the most amazing present ever but that is a story for another day. Shout out to my darling Daddy-O. Today he is a year older and wiser, and grayer! Happy Birthday Daddy!


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