Let’s get Vegucated!

So, the plan was to get home last night and continue my lucky streak of blogging every night since I got Moira – that’s what I am naming my computer. However, I decided to go out in the streets and be naughty so that did not happen. However, 2 days ago something did happen. I became something I did not ever think possible but then again since my juice cleanse the impossible has become very possible. I became a die-hard vegan. I was firm in convictions and ready to spread the message of animal love and hate towards the man for encouraging the depletion of our planets resources through the over production of animal flesh for food.  My cousin even threw out her baby’s Similac in favour of Soy milk and had a talk with the almost 1-year-old about why mummy had to do it. Hours later, she was still calling to ask me why the world is such a cruel place and that she was having night mares. BUt I digress, let me start from the beginning.

My cousin is my hair dresser. Every couple of weeks, I go to her house so that she can accentuate my already gorgeous features but manipulating my hair. She used to have me bring a movie for us to watch while she did my hair and I would use the opportunity to introduce her to the foreign movie genre. Towards, the end of last year she purchased a Netflix membership and we began watching documentaries every time I would come over. It was while she was doing my hair that I watched Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead prompting me to embark on my own 60 day cleanse. Since then, most of the documentaries I select are based on food and health. A couple of days ago, I was at her house for my bi-weekly appointment and randomly selected the documentary Vegucated. Vegucated is about a Vegan who challenges 3 ordinary people to try the vegan lifestyle for 6 weeks. I was immediately interested because Veganism is a lifestyle choice I have been contemplating once my fast is complete. . The documentary starts out quite humorously with each of the 3 people having varying degrees of difficulty dealing with having to give up meat. And then it takes an unexpected dark turn – the slaughter house footage. It starts with a scene where we see the people in the documentary watching footage of the slaughter houses but we don’t get to see what they are watching and I remember wishing I could see it too: be careful what you wish for. In college, I attended a PETA meeting and was shown a very graphic video of a mink being skinned for it’s fur which I will never forget. Vegucated did eventually show us the slaughter houses footage and it was equally difficult to watch. Halfway through the footage I realized that my cousin was crying – not the simple tears running down your cheeks variety but actual crying. Needless to say once the documentary was over we were both vegans and ready to preach veganism to anyone who dared to eat flesh of any kind in our presence. At the time I could not see it but there were several things incredibly wrong with that documentary. However, my eyelids have a date with each other and they will not be dissuaded, so we shall continue our discourse tomorrow!


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