Fast Broken. Heart Broken but mending.

A couple of minutes into my 73rd day, I broke fast: I had some steamed broccoli. I have to admit it was hard because I don’t feel ready to deal with incorporating solids back into my diet: what to eat, when to eat, how much to eat. These are issues I have not had to worry about for 73 days and now I have to slowly incorporate them back in and watch out for the bad habits. Although I had initially considered a raw diet after my fast, I now know that I should have researched it more thoroughly and made it the basis of my transition. I looked up a couple of recipes today and I am excited to try them! There are the raw burritos, the raw “tuna” salad and top on my list raw “egg” salad! Now I can’t wait to try them and had I been better prepared, transitioning to solids would have been easier. But then again we are talking about me, nothing is ever easy. So, now armed with more optimism and raw food recipes, I more optimistic about the transition. If dealing with this exercise schedule were only just as easy…

Random and slightly inappropriate: As soon as I get out of bed in the morning, the first thing I do is grab my tooth-brush and then sit on the porcelain throne for my morning tinkle. I end up sitting there way past the tinkle, thinking about the upcoming day or just day dreaming. As I was doing one or the other this morning, I reached down to either pat or lift my belly; It was like grabbing for something and missing it. I had to look down to see how I had missed when it hit me: I no longer have a belly. I have to admit that I spent a few minutes somewhat confused about what had happened but in the end, it only served to remind me that I have lost a lot of weight and I am not going back. I still have a body to sculpt and mold, so belly, you stay away!


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