Today, in an effort to cheer herself up a friend of mine listed 6 positive things in her life and encouraged others to do the same. I started to respond with 6 of my own and found that I was unable to. I have always taken pride in my pessimistic nature but lately I have been working on countering that notion as I have come believe that you get what you expect. My first thought was to feel positive about my weight loss but I still worry about gaining it back and returning to the bad habits I strove to abandon. Then I thought about my job which I love and which allows me to indulge on of my main interests but I fear losing it one day. Then I thought about taking pride in the new body I worked hard for but I focused on the arms I think are too flabby and the chest size I lost. After this I was pretty much done trying to come up with anything else positive. But as I write this I am going to go out on a limb and name a positive even though the negative is lurking in the background. I am grateful for my sister. I visited her this weekend and for the first time in our lives, I can wear her clothes!  I arrived dressed to run errands but she insisted that I go to church. Being that I was not dressed for mass, we rummaged through her closet and found something for me to wear. Because I love her and care for her immensely, she possesses the ability to annoy me so much that I have to take breaks from her. However, spending half a day with her this Sunday and arguing over $5 reminded me that she was my first  constant childhood companion, my first constant playmate and my personal cheerleader.Yes… I am glad for that!


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