Travel Junkie cont.

My mother reminded me yesterday that all in one month I have visited 4 continents (my sister and I are still arguing about the validity of one of said continents) and 7 countries. In the last week alone, I visited 3 countries and 3 continents! Now that’s an achievement if I can say so myself. I love to travel! I am an avid traveller and will do almost anything if it means I get to see a new country or go on a new adventure. My dream job would be a travel photographer and/or writer and one would think I would be using my blog as a platform/practice but I tend to procrastinate way too much. Furthermore, I take lots and lots of pictures and feel like writing about some of my destinations without benefit of visual aids is a great disservice to anyone who reads it. So, that’s part of why I have not finished my adventure about getting stranded in Brussels. I got to visit some major monuments this past week and got to participate in an important event but as much as I want to share that, I refuse to do so without pictures. So, I am promising myself that after work tomorrow, I will come home, shower, eat, sit far far far away from the TV and work on all the lovely photos I have amassed over the past month. I remember when I first got my camera late last year. I was scared that I would never learn how to work it properly and while I am still skimming the surface of its abilities, I love seeing the beautiful pictures I create. Same with this computer which I got to help me elevate the quality of my pictures but persists in intimidating me. I shall conquer them both someday soon. And when I do, watch out world!!


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