Savage Race complete!

I did it! I did it! Yeah I did it! I want to thank all my sponsors: my black work out clothes that got muddy but kept me warm and my Vibrams which stayed on the whole race and provided great traction in the mud. I do have to chastise my sports bra for coming off and flashing the crowd twice, you and I are done! All in all, I had a great time. I completed all but one of the obstacles as the modified monkey bars were too much for my arms to handle. And not being able to complete this obstacle led me to the decision to compete again next year and annihilate these bars. My mother says I have the bad habit of not acknowledging the importance of events or items until I am aware of external acknowledgement. This goes against my drive to become self reliant as far as motivation is concerned but there is some truth to her words. Upon completion of the race, I was proud of myself, on a scale of 1-10, between a 6 and 7. However, as I perused Instagram and saw the pride other runners were taking in completing the race and more so finding athletes and trainers who said the race had been hard or hurt themselves in the course of  it, I began to feel a greater sense of pride. I faced each challenge head on and completed every single one. I did not place but I completed and that enough makes my pride soar to a 10! I am currently sore, bruised and physically exhausted but immensely proud of myself. I completed all 7 miles of the Savage race and came out victorious! Yay me!

The following are some shots from the race to hold you over till tomorrow when I shall tell you about my flashing the crowd while jumping 30ft into 12ft of water.

An overview of the course.
This is the splash I made landing in the water after the wall of death.
This is the splash I made landing in the water after the wall of death.
This was easy!
This was easy!
Now this was the wall of death. A lot of people either gave up or did not bother attempting this obstacle. I did and I conquered it!

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