Juice Fast/Feast Take II!

Today marked the official end to my first day of juicing. I had an orange-collards-spicy basil juice accompany me to work and I cheated and had a banana smoothie when I got back from work. I am honestly amazed at how hard I am finding it this time around. On the days leading up to the fast, I was excited and could not wait for D-Day. But when that day came, I began feeling hunger pangs and severe craving for foods I don’t even eat. I drove by a KFC the night before the fast started trying hard not to go in and order a piece of chicken. I know! I don’t eat chicken! Then I drove past a Wendy’s and as it has been years since I stepped into a fast food restaurant, I knew that if I walked in I would not even know what to order. Initially, the plan was to juice for 7 days and I got a friend to do it with me. However, on my own I decided to tack on an extra 3 weeks and when I told her the new plan, her response was: you are on your own!  As hard as today was, I may need to reconsider this month myself but I don’t think I will. For one, I think it sounds utterly ridiculous that someone who juiced for 72 days is daunted by 30 measly days and secondly, if I do not complete all 30 days I will feel like a failure. Which brings me to why I am doing this.

Why am I doing this? The initial response is that I am doing it to reign in my bad habits. Truth be told, after my 72 day cleanse, I did not fall off the wagon and immediately start bingeing on unhealthy foods. For the most part, I was good. I believe I got my sugar addiction control and did not indulge in any sweets till I went on holiday. So I had little indiscretions here and there but some part of me felt that was too much. I felt like I should have never returned to any of those unhealthy habits and so I am juicing again to regain control. Additionally, some part of me believes that because I am struggling with the first days of this fast, maybe I never got my unhealthy habits under control the first time around. Whatever the case maybe, I feel that this fast is going to teach me something new. I don’t know what it is, I just have a feeling something shall come to pass. So, day 1 down and 29 to go, let’s get!

P.S.: To illustrate how nuts I am – Cooking soothes me. I don’t know why. I will cook and bake things I don’t eat and give them away because the process of creating calms me down. So, as I was feeling restless about my first day of juicing what did I do? I made Banana Nut Muffins. Yep you got it right. The person abstaining from food, baked on her first day fasting.


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