Travel-her, Writ-her or Both?


PP9Which came first: The traveler or the writer? Honestly, I don’t know. I think I have always suffered from wanderlust however without the means to pursue it because… childhood, writing became more prominent in my life. However, as soon as I was able to spread my wings and fly, *in my best Forrest Gump imitation*: I was FLYING! For years now, I have pursued that passion with so much fervour that my writing eventually suffered for it.

My goal now is to meld the two. I am a storyteller. I tell stories with my words and with my photographs. I want to entertain with my tales of my exploits in foreign lands accompanied by visual representations of the stories. As a bit of an introvert, the prospect of travel into unknown spaces with the potential for an unpredictable amount of human interaction yields unexpected outcomes. My hope is that if you can’t travel, just yet, I am able to light the fire in you that burns until you can visit and if you can, that it becomes the next item on your list. This is my Pinned Path across the world, come join me.

P.S: I did mention I was a writer right? So I do also write about other things besides travel. You should check it out too!


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