A few days ago, my sister were talking via text when she sent me this:
I created this blog because I love to write but unfortunately I seemed to be suffering Continue reading “Changes.”


I will not give up!

About two months ago, I decided to take my health more seriously. It has not been a walk in the park I tell ya. I worry about eating too little or eating too much. My biggest worry so far has been the equilibrum issues I have been having when I ride my motorcycle and that is no bueno. I am not able to fathom the thought of never being able to ride again and so I have to either figure out what is causing those issues and/or start eating properly.
I am not a fan of diets: I believe in eating “normally” in moderation. Continue reading “I will not give up!”

Paleo. Primal. Caveman.

My head is reeling. Paleo. Primal. Caveman. All words usedĀ to describe a lifestyle choice whereby you eat like man did in the paleolithic ages. Man at that time was a hunter-gatherer and if he did not find it or kill it, he did not eat it. Agriculture brought about the end of these times as man settled down and began eating from stationary food sources. It is the belief of Paleo practitioners that our bodies have not evolved enough to digest the crap we are now filling our bodies with and sinceĀ man in those days was probably the healthiestĀ of all ages,Ā if we eat like they ate, we should follow the same trend. There is still so much to learn but I haveĀ come to a couple of conclusions Continue reading “Paleo. Primal. Caveman.”