So I have spent the last month contemplating my next move health wise. My initial cleanse served it’s purpose and I need to figure out the next step. I like to eat! I love food! When I am antsy I cook. So I have decided that for me to be able to eat properly, I need to incorporate regular exercise so that I don’t starve myself by eating too little. I started doing Insanity but my old back injury side lined me and took me out. In retrospect, it was nothing but a stumble that required me to change tactics but I allowed it to derail me completely. So now I find myself once more at some sort of impasse trying to figure out my next step. Tomorrow, I will be trying out a kick boxing class to see if it might be something I would like to do regularly and I will also begin Yoga daily. I have been planking, doing push ups and pull ups to gain some strength back in my arms. One day at a time.


Womp Womp… Race was cancelled :(

I woke up early this morning at about 0540. I was both excited and nervous so I hit the snooze button a couple of times, finally rolling out of bed at about 0608. I was dressed in no time as I had already set aside my clothes for the race. I am not a breakfast person although lately I have no problem drinking a smoothie or green juice in the morning. Well, the amateur athlete in me has heard about carb loading before a race and although I did not have clear facts, I decided to eat some carbs; crackers was all I had so crackers was what I had – 2 small packs of oyster crackers. I got to the race location at about 0640 and when I called my running partner she had not yet left her house and told me she would be leaving at 0720! When I left home, I had felt a tinkle of moisture which could scarcely be classified as rain but as I waited, I saw lightning and eventually actual rain. While I wished it was not raining, I was determined to run the race no matter what. My friend finally showed up at about 0740 and went to pick up our numbers, Just as I arrived the Start line, an announcement came over the speakers declaring the race cancelled. I was kinda upset although I acknowledge that it had been raining pretty hard and it was for the best. As with most races, there are sponsors and athletic companies at the site peddling their wares. Well with this race cancelled, it was a free for all. I could not take a picture as it was raining but there were two 10 foot long tables piled high with bananas and another 10 foot long table filled with bags of Einstein bagels. Muscle Milk was also in attendance and while they had been giving out a bottle at a time to passers-by, with the cancelling of the race, they encouraged everyone to take as much as they wanted and fill the little eco-friendly-made-from-plastic bottles shopping bags race sponsor Whole Foods had provided. Which brings me to a thought I had as I filled my bag with bananas and Muscle Milk. Whenever I am faced with something free, I almost always over do it meaning I take too much/ more than I need. And even when I walk away, I am still wondering if I took enough, if I should go back for more and berating myself for not having taken more.

My goal after my cleanse was to stay away from processed foods and I have done well so far. I took about 6 bananas which will come in handy for my smoothies. The Muscle Milk I had no business taking as I did not even read the label but I ended up with 7 bottles. I did not take any bagels and I am very proud of myself for that. When I initially arrived at the race grounds, I had concerns that my pre race meal had been inadequate so I grabbed some Cascade Farms Organic Granola and some Food Should Taste Good Sweet Potato Chips and a small Lara Fruit and Nut Energy bar – not one of the labels on these products did I read  so this constitutes my first impulse food consumption post cleanse. Once I found out the race was cancelled, I knew I could not let all that food just hang out in my body so I decided to let Shaun T and Insanity help me burn it and burn it he did! Pure Cardio is a beast but I am glad I did it!

Guilt + Insanity = Rejuvenation

I write this blog with sweat dripping down my face. I swear I am about to pass out but I feel good! Originally, today’s blog was going to be called Temptation where I whined about how I had to make cakes for my niece’s first birthday party and how I felt like I had done badly by sneaking a couple of tastes and licks here and there. And then when I got to the party even though I started out eating veggies only, I could not resist a couple of carbs. Over all, I don’t think I did too badly but I am extremely hard on myself, so on my way home  from the party, I decided I was going to jump right in and start the Insanity workout. In the past, when I work out, it makes me more aware of my food choices and less likely to eat irresponsibly. As soon as I got home, I put on my work out clothes and got right to it. At first I thought it was easy but that was just the stretches as he quickly showed me why the work out is called Insanity. Completing the workout left me feeling like I had been adequately punished for my discretion today. It is ironic that I am starting Insanity which is a 60 day program after just having completed a 60+ days juice cleanse. Once again a part of my mind is telling me I may not be able to do this but I know I will and I am! Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go recover from this ass whopping.