Savage race II

So, the Savage Race was a week ago and I am still on a high about it. I got an email form the organizers about a Fall race and I am seriously considering it. The loser friend I participated with got her fill of obstacle races and vowed that she would never participate in a race like this again. Of course I feel very differently as I enjoyed it immensely. My one gripe was having to pay $10 for parking and a $20 spectator entry fee for my personal photographer but other than that, I have no complaints. I briefly considered maybe organizing or joining a team for the Fall race but I think I am too much of a solo competitor. While we did not exactly have a team strategy in place, my friend and I did sign up for the race together and I guess that may have made us a pseudo-team. Unfortunately I regret to say that I left her behind one mile into the race. In my defense, she was going too slowly and I was trying to make good time! I know I know, thats not an excuse because were it not for people sitting at the top of the obstacle Colossus – 40 foot wall you scale with a rope, I would not have made it to the top. By  the time I made it to the wall, it was slippery with mud and water and climbing it was near impossible without aid.

So the race began with Shriveled Richard, a nice bath in ice cold water. There was truck parked right next to the “bath tub” filled with ice for replenishment in case the bath was not icy enough. While I was well aware of this obstacle and jumped right in, I was not prepared for the physical shock it caused my body. It took a few seconds to complete and that was plenty. Miles went by and I came upon Nutt Smasher – balance beam on crack! The beam wobbles, is slippery from contestants falling in and splashing the beams and down right difficult. I was determined to cross and not end up in the water and I did although I think the volunteer in charge of  the obstacle got a little frustrated with my pace. Whatever, I finished it and thats all that mattered to me. As I jogged off feeling quite pleased with myself, I saw Davy Jones’ Locker looming up ahead and stopped in my tracks. This is an over 25 ft jump into 12 ft of water with a caution sign at the bottom of the stops stating that it is for experienced swimmers. Now I am by no means a swimmer as I have a phobia for large bodies of water and don’t even know if I can tread water but I was determined not to pass any obstacles. As I climbed the steps to the top, I kept up a dialogue in my head psyching myself up for the task ahead. Once it was my turn, I took a deep breath and jumped! Before jumping in, I had asked one of the volunteers how deep the water was and she replied 12 ft. However, after my jump, it seemed to take forever to resurface. And then I heard a voice say, I think your shirt wants to play peek a boo. It appears that as I jumped into the water, my shirt came up and over my head. I was being rescued by one of the lifeguards at the obstacle. He steered me to shore with his surf board and I got out. As I did, I realized that my chest felt unusually chilly, upon looking down I realized that my shirt was not the only thing that had come up when I hit the water- so had my bra! Pulling it down quickly and what I hoped was inconspicuously, I went on to complete the rest of the obstacles. Tazed hurt more than I expected it to and Evil bars – monkey bars on steroids, was the one obstacle I did not attempt. So there you have it, my experience at Savage Race. I am left with no regrets, no injuries and thoughts of competing again.


Savage Race complete!

I did it! I did it! Yeah I did it! I want to thank all my sponsors: my black work out clothes that got muddy but kept me warm and my Vibrams which stayed on the whole race and provided great traction in the mud. I do have to chastise my sports bra for coming off and flashing the crowd twice, you and I are done! All in all, I had a great time. I completed all but one of the obstacles as the modified monkey bars were too much for my arms to handle. And not being able to complete this obstacle led me to the decision to compete again next year and annihilate these bars. My mother says I have the bad habit of not acknowledging the importance of events or items until I am aware of external acknowledgement. This goes against my drive to become self reliant as far as motivation is concerned but there is some truth to her words. Upon completion of the race, I was proud of myself, on a scale of 1-10, between a 6 and 7. However, as I perused Instagram and saw the pride other runners were taking in completing the race and more so finding athletes and trainers who said the race had been hard or hurt themselves in the course of  it, I began to feel a greater sense of pride. I faced each challenge head on and completed every single one. I did not place but I completed and that enough makes my pride soar to a 10! I am currently sore, bruised and physically exhausted but immensely proud of myself. I completed all 7 miles of the Savage race and came out victorious! Yay me!

The following are some shots from the race to hold you over till tomorrow when I shall tell you about my flashing the crowd while jumping 30ft into 12ft of water.


An overview of the course.

This is the splash I made landing in the water after the wall of death.

This is the splash I made landing in the water after the wall of death.

This was easy!

This was easy!


Now this was the wall of death. A lot of people either gave up or did not bother attempting this obstacle. I did and I conquered it!

Savage Race!


Tomorrow at 0920 I will take on the Savage Race. 5-7 miles of obstacles designed to kick your butt. I am both excited and nervous as there will be electrocution and an ice bath and these are not even the worse obstacles I shall face. I know that completing this race will only make me more confident about myself and strive to become stronger. I started races because a friend forced invited me. I did not train for it and was amazed when I beat her: I was hooked! I am hooked mainly because of my competitive nature and this drives me through every single race. I used to look to others to motivate me to feel better about myself, to eat better, to workout more, but with each race I complete, I stop looking for external motivation and feed more into the personal cheerleader who lives inside of me.

I won’t be able to take my camera with me on the race, obviously as there are aquatic obstacles so here is a sampling of what I shall be encountering!

Savage Race Video