A few days ago, my sister were talking via text when she sent me this:
I created this blog because I love to write but unfortunately I seemed to be suffering from chronic writer’s block at the time. This blog was a way of putting out the random thought that seem to constantly flood my head, the happenings in my life, all in hopes that I would find the drive to start writing regularly again. When I started my 60+ day juice cleanse, I wanted to blog about it but I did not have a functioning computer and therefore I was unable to share the journey on my blog as I know I would surely have done. After I was done laughing my socks off, I realized that I am changing and of course this fact is apparent to those around me. I am currently making decisions that will leave a lasting impact on my life. Now for those who know me as morbid, also know that I am not actively interested in living forever. I just want to live long enough to collect my 401K. Nevertheless, as long as I am going to live with this body, my intention is make sure it is a healthy life therefore this is a major aspect for me and I feel the need to share it as it may help someone else as others have helped me get to where I am today. So dear sister, Continue reading “Changes.”

Day 1 Post 65 Day Juice Cleanse.

Day 1 Post 65 day Juice Cleanse and I have not yet broken fast. I had a dentist appointment this morning and so I did not eat before I left the house. After running errands, I stopped by the farmer’s market with the intention of letting my mind guide me on what I would get. Once I started shopping, I realized that I am not ready to end my fast. The are two main reason for this:

1.) As previously stated, while my cleanse did not begin as a means for weight loss it morphed into a primary focus unfortunately. I have never had a magic number I wanted to attain and even though I have lost a considerable amount of weight, the image I see in the mirror does not satisfy me. Because I can be extremely dramatic and over imaginative, I am hyper alert to any signs of an eating disorder but I love food too much for this to happen. Furthermore, I have started consuming larger amounts of juice than I did at the start of the cleanse so I know that I am not starving myself. Continue reading “Day 1 Post 65 Day Juice Cleanse.”

My 65 day juice cleanse is officially over!

Today marks the official end of my 65 day juice cleanse and I can’t pin point one single lasting feeling. I am hella proud of myself for completing it. I don’t think I ever doubted myself when I started but I was not so sure of myself before I started it. As I type this, I am filled with extreme pride in myself…I did it! I am Ā as strong as I know I am and stronger than I ever imagined I could be. I have to say it again so that it can sink in: I went 65 days on fruit and vegetable juice (except for the occasional soup/broth) and did not let myself get tempted by food! I am nostalgic about my cleanse coming to an end. I am scared of what is to come and having to make the right decisions about food. I am scared of ending up back where I started. I am scared this euphoric feeling won’t last… Enough! No more negativity. I just completed a 65 day juice cleanse and I am proud of myself. I is kind. I is beautiful. I is important and I is strong. This cleanse proves that I can do anything I set my mind to. The only thing that can and will stop me is me. I went on this journey because I wanted to reset the relationship I had with food. I grew up eating 3 meals a day with no dessert and only drank sugary drinks on special occasions. When I started this cleanse, I had to have dessert after eating and while I had cut out sugary drinks, not long before that, water was the occasional and often absent liquid in my life. I did not know how to portion control, did not know what to eat or how much to eat. I alternated between starving myself and over feeding my body. While I did not prep properly for the juice cleanse, the decision to embark on the arduous journey was the result of a realization over a 4 month period that I needed to do better with my life. While I know that all the issues I had before the cleanse have not magically disappeared, I feel more confident about confronting and dealing with them, after all I just completed a 65 day juice cleanse! The FAQ I have been getting are: Continue reading “My 65 day juice cleanse is officially over!”

Let’s get Vegucated II!

I have always thought ofĀ veganismĀ as extreme and I do not like extremes; I am a firm believer in moderation. I consideredĀ veganismĀ after my cleanse because I want to make sure that the food I put in my body is healthy, free ofĀ GMOĀ and I believe a majority of animal products and by products are rife with them. I spent the last couple of weeks researching vegan recipes and I could not wait to try out several of them. Most of the recipes I found are made from scratch so that I know exactly what is going in my food. Thus lay my first issue with the documentaryĀ Vegucated. The shopping expedition to the grocery market seemed to be more about finding meat and dairy substitutes than finding healthy options. I was never much of a meat person and I believe that may have to do with that fact that meat was the equivalent of dessert when I was growing up. For dinner we got a piece of meat the size of an ice-cube. If we did well in school, we got the drumstick. InĀ prisonĀ boardingĀ school, it was even more drastic with a piece of meat assuming currency like status. Deals were made and debts were paid with a piece of meat. All I wanted to do wasĀ serve my timeĀ graduate and so I could careless about anything but getting out, therefore meat became very unimportant to me and I eventually became a vegetarian. Even as a vegetarian, I never cared for meat substitutes only trying them because a cousin of mine raved and ranted about certain brands and I figured I would give them a try but truth be told, I did not care for them. Another resolution I made during my fast is to stay as far away from processed foods as I can – fresh is best, and therefore I would not recommend soy dogs,Ā tofurky,Ā tofuttiĀ or rice dream (ice cream) as the film maker did in this documentary. Instead I would take novices to a farmer’s market and show them the beauty of fresh fruits and vegetables. The other bone I have to pick with the documentary is the use of the slaughter-house footage. Continue reading “Let’s get Vegucated II!”